Elizabeth’s Love and tears- Novel

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Elizabeth’s LOVE AND TEARS is written in the memories of my dear mother. How she struggled with a failed marriage that led to her early death. She could have just left, but that will mean abandoning her children  and so for the sake of her children she stayed and endured all the pain and anguish just so her children can have a better hope. Oh, she was in love. CHRIS loved her too but it is one thing for a man to love his bride and is another thing entirely  to be accepted and loved by her mother-in-law. This is very typical of African marriages. Such power mothers have over their son’s marriage is simply destroying many good homes and consequently destroying the future of many children and by all means crippling our societal value. My mother’s early marital story was a tragedy even as a child, I could see all the pain she always tried to hide away. Inspired by true life events.

I hope that her story shades more light to the young men and women when it comes to marital decisions. Also to parents and parent In-laws to-be. This book is basically for everyone and everyone.


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Hello there,

My name is Chris. I am a writer, a poet, a story teller, Amazon published author ( and a businessman (owner of I believe in the culture of reading as a part of self-developing habit everybody should imbibe. Reading should be an important part of us and this is why I decided, as a person whose life reading culture have helped, to donate all my literal work to the part of our society that dearly needs this self-developing exercise, like the prisons, Schools, Hospital; especially our children in school. I couldn’t do this alone but I trust that people like you who are good readers, who are aware of the significance of reading, will gear up with me; partner with me like Lagos state Ministry of Education have. Like the Fellowship of Nigeria Prison have. Help me reach out, to as many energetic readers out there as possible. Be part of this selfless #FundAgoodCause campaign and donate, even if it is just one copy or 100 copies of my book and several other books from different local authors working with me on this campaign. Be a part of something bigger than just living. No charitable donation is too small. Promote the reading culture and let’s start from empowering inmates locked away; towards their re-information and rehabilitation in all the correctional facilities in Nigeria. Let us make the walls around them feel so thin.


The idea is to buy a Soft copy while I use that resources to fund my 6k copies to be distributed free across prisons in Nigeria.

Please, You can buy as many soft copies as as you can. if you will be funding 500 copies, you will have a branded copies in your name that says THIS FREE COPY IS DONATED BY.... (your name)

God bless you and all of yours.


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